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  • EndoGrab


    EndoGrab is a groundbreaking internal retractor that allows surgeons to anchor organs internally to the abdomen wall. Internal anchoring removes clutter from the operating cavity and eliminates the need for a dedicated port.

  • Sterilization Container Systems

    Sterilization Container Systems

    SBH Sterilization Container Systems are sterile packaging systems for medical instruments and textiles that utilize an established filter technology, proven materials, and design properties which makes our containers reliable.

  • McCulloch Radiolucent Lumbar Retractor

    McCulloch Radiolucent Lumbar Retractor

    SBH offers the McCulloch 100% Radiolucent Lumbar Retractor Tray set with Lid. 100% made in Germany.

  • BB Retractor Set

    BB Retractor Set

    SBH offers the BB Retractor Set. • Cervical retractor system for anterior and posterior cervical surgery • Optimal exposure • Products available in titanium and stainless steel • Blades Ti ALN coated with black finish • 100% made in Germany

  • Laparoscopic


    SBH offers a wide extensive selection of Laparoscopic and Endoscopic surgical instruments for minimally invasive procedures. 100% made in Germany.

  • Bariatric Retractors

    Bariatric Retractors

    SBH offers a wide selection of XXL Bariatric instruments.

Featured Products

Pendulum Marker

Pendulum Marker

SBH offers the adjustable Pendulum Marker especially developed for marking axes on ...

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