Sterile Single Use

SBH Surgical offers our premium line of single use nail nippers, splitters, beaver handles, wire cutting scissors, tubing clamp forceps and Magill forceps. All instruments are also available in reusable. Made in Germany.

Sterile Single Use

SBH 4311227 - Anvil Nail Splitters

English Anvil Pattern
5” Double Spring
Ready to use
Packaged Individually In Sterilization Pouches
Made in Germany

SBH 07109-13STRILE - Beaver Handle

Sterile, Single Use Beaver handle 10 cm (4″) or 13 cm (5″).
Ready to use, packaged individually in sterilization pouches.
100% made in Germany.
Also available in re-usable.

SBH 75618-15S - straight - Mycotic Nail Nipper

Size – 15.5 cm (6”)
Barrel spring, back lock, grooved handles Ready to use
Labeled and packaged individually in sterilization pouches.
Available in re-usable.
Ask your representative for other sizes and styles.

75450-13S - Nail Nipper 5 1/2″ with back lock

Nail Nipper 5 1/2″
Concave Jaws
Double Spring
Back Lock
Ready To Use
Packaged Individually In Sterilization Pouches.
100% Made In Germany.

7548513-RS - Nail Splitters

5” (12.5 cm)
Straight Tapered Jaw
Double Spring
Ready To Use
Packaged Individually In Sterilization Pouches.
Made In Germany.

Podiatry Tray Set

Set Contents

1. SBH 66500 – Sterile, Single Use, Webster Needle Holder, smooth, 6″
2. SBH 56885 – Sterile, Single Use, Lister Bandage Scissors, angled, 7.25″
3. SBH 67420 – Sterile, Single Use, Cuticle Nipper, double spring, straight, 4.25″
4. SBH 67365 – Sterile, Single Use, Nail Nipper, double spring, straight, 5″
5. 75618-15 – Sterile, Single Use, Mycotic Nail Nipper, double action, barrel spring, straight, 6″
6. SBH ZM-05423 – Sterile, Single Use, Tray rectangular, stainless steel, 11″ x 9.5″ x 2″

Tray sets can be customized to hospital’s specific needs.