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Sterilization Container Systems

SBH Sterilization Container Systems are sterile packaging systems for medical instruments and textiles that utilize an established filter technology, proven materials, and design properties which makes our containers reliable.

Our containers are reusable devices and feature an assortment of sizes and configurations that provide an effective packaging method for sterilization, storage, and transportation of surgical instruments by healthcare providers. Our containers are compatible with steam pre-vacuum and steam gravity cycles.

They are available with perforated bottoms, non-perforated bottoms, and perforated lids. The full-size, ¾-size, and ½-size containers are available with safety lids.

Sterilization Container Systems are:

• Safe and FDA 510(k) cleared
• Lightweight 
• Energy Saving
• Can be used with all different vendor instrumentation

Recycle symbol surrounding the globeEnvironmental Friendly

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