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Multiflex Retractor

The GRAY Multiflex Retractor is a totally versatile system
for all surgical applications requiring a mobile arm configuration.
This retractor is ideally suited to abdominal, gynecologic, perianal
and pediatric surgical procedures.

Advantages of the GRAY Multiflex Short Arm Retractor System include:

* The unique double cam action of the Horizontal Arm (OHA01)
enables the use of Long Arm (V02i), Renal Frame (UA01i), Small
(GA01i), Medium (GA02i) and Large Segmented Ring (GA03i)
frame configurations.

* The patented “Bevelled Ball” design incorporated into each arm
provides maximum flexibility in movement in both a horizontal or
vertical plane.

* Arms can be adjusted independent of each other.

* Unique design combined with the patented GRAY Easy Clamp
EC02-EC03 provides superior retraction during surgery.

* A large range of blade shapes and sizes are available.

* Excellent surgical exposure.

* Highest quality materials and construction for lasting service.

* Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

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