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Customer Care

How can we help? Do you have a technical question? Please take a moment to let us know how we may assist you. SBH is dedicated to customer satisfaction. To best serve your needs we have developed a customer care service. Our customer care service includes:

  • Easily accessible and personable staff to assist you with all of your product needs.
  • Quality and performance guarantee for all SBH products.

In addition, our customer care service is interested in hearing feedback on how SBH can better serve you. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us.

We’re Listening!

  • 1- Care
  • 2- Repair
  • 3- Cross References Request
SBH provides brochures on care and handling of surgical instruments and offers its own instrument repair and maintenance programs. These services are developed to protect your valuable investment in surgical instruments. For more information please review our Instrument Care Brochures or contact your local SBH Sales Representative.
SBH provides a quality repair service for instruments from all manufacturers. Every effort is made by our skilled technicians to repair damaged instruments to optimal working condition. Please contact our repair professionals at (800)303-3050 to request a cost effective repair quote for your delicate surgical instruments or simply fill out the repair order form.


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